The Lad’s new book on renting a home in the capital is out and the results show that the cost of renting a property in London is much higher than many of the country’s other cities.

The book, The Budget Truck Rentals Guide, says that a one-bedroom flat in London costs an average of £1,200, whereas a three-bedroom property in Covent Garden costs £1.6m.

The Lad’s latest budget truck rental guide The Budget Trucks of London – £1m per year per yearThe cheapest place to rent a trailer in London’s capital.

The cheapest places to rent vans in London are in Hampstead and the Hammersmith & Fulham area.

There are plenty of ways to save on rental costs in London, from car hire to van rentals, and there are also cheaper options for people looking to rent homes or apartments.

You can get a quote from a private company or a property manager to find the best rates, but you should always ask.

“You want to make sure the person is able to pay the rent for the property they are renting and they have an income and that is the one they will get,” said Richard Gough, managing director of property consultant Lendlease.

“If they can’t afford to pay then you might need to look into alternatives to help.”

He added: “If they are paying a deposit, you need to be sure they are on the property for the whole term.”

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The budget truck rentals guide, published in February, found that the cheapest places for a trailer rental in London were in Hampden, the Hamlets of the West End, and the Southbank.

“Hampden is a great choice as they have a large number of properties for rent and a wide variety of properties to choose from,” said the guide.

There are also a range of different rental properties, including a five-bedroom house for £1million, a six-bedroom mansion for £3.6million, and a five bedroom bungalow for £4.6 million.

“These are properties that have been developed, so they have lots of extra space for guests,” said Gough.

It is possible to rent an extra room for the weekend, but the guide suggests that you would need to pay extra for the services that you might be getting.

“It’s a great way to get a few extra extra hours of entertainment,” he added.

The guide also found that a four-bedroom bungalows in the Hamptons cost £4m, which is more than double the average of the UK.

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