The Cowboys are going to spend $2.8 million on a rental car, according to a report from FOX Sports.

The deal is for the $400,000 rental car the team is using in their stadium.

Here’s what you need to know: The Cowboys will spend $1.9 million on the car.

The Dallas Cowboys will pay $400K per month on rent for their rental car. 

That’s the amount the team paid for the rental car in 2012.

This year, they are only paying $400k per month for the car, but the team will pay a $1,000 per month increase to cover the $1 million increase for insurance.

That means the Cowboys will be paying $2,822 per month to rent the rental for the next four years.

That would be $1m more than the $2m the team spent on the 2012 rental car and $1 for each $1 in rent the team pays each year.

Here is the breakdown of the Cowboys’ total payments for the year: 2012: $1 Million 2013: $400 Million 2014: $600 Million 2015: $800 Million 2016: $900 Million 2017: $1200 Million 2018: $1500 Million 2019: $2000 Million 2020: $2500 Million 2021: $3000 Million 2022: $3500 Million Total: $2 Million