The United Vacation rental company has partnered with the hotel chain Hilton Head to provide the first ever online booking feature to hotel guests.

In a blog post, United Vacates explained the partnership: “United Vacations is proud to introduce its first ever travel trailer rentals service that allows travelers to book their room with the click of a button.

This new partnership brings the luxury of being able to book room with United Vacators hotel room reservation feature to our guests at their hotels, as well as to our customers who are interested in hotel room reservations.”

Included with the rental is the option to book the room online through the United Vacator app.

The new feature, which allows hotels to book a room for a predetermined time frame and has been available for months, is aimed at helping hoteliers manage the shortfalls in the guest traffic they face, the company said.

According to the company, United Airlines is the largest operator of hotels and the biggest provider of room reservations.

“By allowing hotel guests to book and book online, the United-Vacation travel trailer reservation feature is a great option for travelers to get a better understanding of their preferred hotel booking times and rates,” the company wrote.

“By booking a room in advance of travel, hotel guests can save money on room costs, ensure they have room when they arrive, and get a great room when the time comes.”

Hilton Head said it was excited about the partnership.

“Hilton is thrilled to have United Vacate and United Vacated team up to offer this innovative travel trailer booking feature,” said Chris D’Agostino, CEO of Hilton Head.

“The flexibility of hotel rooms is an important component of the overall wellness and wellbeing of a guest.

We are excited to work with United to ensure that hotel guests are able to make informed booking decisions.”

United Vacation will offer the feature at more than 60 of the company’s more than 800 properties across North America.

For more information about the hotel booking feature, visit or call 1-800-525-2277.