The Bay Area has a rich history of rental RV parks, with places like The Big Apple, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

But the rental RV park market is a different story.

In the past decade, the number of rental parks has gone from just 2,200 in 2007 to more than 16,000 today, according to RentARig, a company that offers online rental services.

In San Francisco, the city’s largest rental RV community, just 7% of the parks are owned by independent operators.

But there are still plenty of options in the region.

Here are the top three places to rent an RV rental in the San Joaquin Valley.


The Big Easy, Riverside, California 2.

Northside, San Diego, California 3.

The Farm, Sacramento, California 4.

The Ranch, Sacramento County, California 5.

San Joans Point, San Joachins, California 6.

Rancho Santa Fe, Santa Fe Springs, California 7.

The Lighthouse, Santa Ana, California 8.

The North Country, El Paso, Texas 9.

The South Country, Austin, Texas 10.

The Bistro, San Antonio, Texas 11.

The RV Park, Bakersfield, California 12.

The Rental Car Campground, Hayward, California 13.

The Campground RV Park in Bakersport, California 14.

The Land of the Rooftop RV Park and RV Park & Auto, Pasadena, California 15.

The Paradise RV Park on the Lake, San Luis Obispo, California 16.

The Holiday RV Park at the South Rim, San Marcos, California 17.

The Adventure Park, Los Angeles, California 18.

The River City RV Park with the RV Park & Automobile, Irvine, California 19.

The Home Depot RV Park near Downtown Los Angeles with RV Park Auto, Irvine County, Los Feliz, California 20.

The Redwood City RV park near downtown Los Angeles and Downtown San Francisco with RV park Auto, Los Gatos, California 21.

The Blue Ridge RV Park around Asheville, North Carolina with RVpark Auto, Asheville, NC 22.

The Cascades RV Park next to the South Fork of the Columbia River with RVPark Auto, Columbia River, South Dakota 23.

The Great Wall RV Park right on the border of Utah and Idaho with RV parks Auto, Utah, Idaho 24.

The Old Town RV Park across from the Great Salt Lake with RV Parking Auto, Salt Lake City, Utah 25.

The Pacific Crest Trail RV Park is the best place to rent a RV rental and there are many RV parks nearby The Big Oak, Riverside County, Utah 26.

The Valley Village RV Park has many RV rentals and lots of trails The Red Oak, Redwood Grove, California 27.

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