New York City is a popular vacation destination for travelers who need to save money.

Amazon is the latest company to jump on the holiday bandwagon, announcing on Tuesday that it is adding an additional vacation rental option to its site for New Yorkers, the Jet Ski rental.

The Jet Ski will be available for rent for a limited time on Nov. 6 from $149 per night, the company announced on its website.

It will be a $30 per night option that will allow guests to rent the rental for a total of $4,150 per night.

Amazon has added a similar option to the rental page for guests staying at its own hotels.

For New Yorkers who do not already own a Jet Ski, Amazon will also be offering a discounted rate of $49 per night for a weeklong rental.

The Jet Ski is currently available for $199 per night and Amazon is currently offering a $50 discount for guests who do own a jet ski.

The prices are based on the standard rental rate for a Jet Skis.

The rental rate is $299 per night on average for a two-night stay at a New York hotel, while the rate for two nights is $449 per night at a four-night hotel.

The $3,000 Jet Ski price includes a $100 deposit on a single night stay at the Four Seasons, while other Jet Ski options, like the $4.99 per night rate for the four-day, two-star hotel stay at One World Tower, have a deposit of $150.

In New York, the prices for the Jet Skys are a little higher than the rates offered by other vacation rental companies.

A standard one-night rental at a Four Seasons hotel costs $2,599 per night while a two and a half-night reservation at OneWorld Tower costs $3.99.

Amazon’s Jet Ski comes in at a bit more expensive than those rental rates, though, with a standard rate of nearly $4 million per night compared to $1.9 million for an average hotel stay.

The company will continue to offer discounted rates to guests staying in hotel rooms in the city, although prices will be lower.

The company has previously announced that it would not be offering its own hotel room reservations in the state of New York.