The Irish Times has obtained a report from the Irish Electricity Supply Company (ESCC), which found that power washes are being rented out at “substantial rates”.

The ESCC has been told that it expects to be able to “increase the number of power washe rentals in the future”, with an additional 100,000 units to be rented out in the coming year.

The report comes after a recent study by The Irish Daily Times found that there is “no evidence” of a “substantially increased demand for power washy” in Ireland.

The EScc report, commissioned by the Government, says that power washing and cleaning is “an attractive service for both small and large businesses in Ireland”.

“The increase in the rental of power washing, cleaning and drying is likely to be driven by the demand for these services as they are more convenient than electric washing, and are cheaper than electric drying,” the report says.

Power washing is an electrical service that is used to dry clothes.

It is used for drying clothes and also for washing clothes.

Power washing is one of the key reasons that people travel to Ireland to rent out their washing machines, the ESCC says.

It says the increased rental of washing machines could lead to “an increase in demand for this service”, as people seek out more convenient methods of washing their clothes.

The new report also highlights the need for “more robust measures” to address the issue.

“In the current environment, the availability of electricity in Ireland is extremely limited and the rental industry needs to be fully prepared for this,” the EScc says.

The agency also recommends that the Government should “continue to consider” the “risk” of electricity supply “becoming unavailable”.

A spokesperson for the ESDC told The Irish Sun: “We have received the ESCCC report and will be reviewing the ESFC’s findings.”