What to bring: Your camera and a good tripod.

Bring some water, sunscreen and lots of snacks.

The sun is always welcome.

Rent a beach rental from the harbour and you’ll be welcomed to a warm, tropical paradise.

Renters get to park their cars on the beach and enjoy the view.

What to expect: The sun sets over the harbour.

You’ll be greeted by the sound of waves crashing into the beach.

You can’t miss the harbour as it’s a favourite spot for the local whale watching.

You also get to experience the best sunsets in New Zealand.

What you’ll find: A nice and safe area.

There are several facilities including the beach cafe.

There is a bar, beach chairs, an open-air pool, a BBQ grill and a small food court.

What the locals say: “The best place to enjoy the sun is on a beach in the middle of the harbour.”

They’re not wrong.

“The sunsets on the beaches of New Zealand are one of the best in the world,” says the manager of Harbourside, a local pub in the northern part of the island.

“You can see the moon rise over the horizon, and the stars twinkle.”

And that’s just the beginning.

“In a few hours we’ll be up to six people in the restaurant and bar.

It’s a lot of fun.”

What the beach locals say about their experience on the island: “There’s so much to do and see, there’s so many restaurants and bars.

It is one of our favourite places in New Zeland.

It also provides an amazing backdrop to the sunsets.”

Renters should arrive early to avoid queues.

The weather is nice and the beach is not crowded.

It can get busy during peak periods but the best time to stay is between 7.30am and 9.30pm.

When is it open: Tuesday to Sunday, 8am to 4pm.

Rentals are usually booked in advance, but the Harbourside Beach Inn and Restaurant has an option to book it for you in advance.

What other places to visit in New England?

If you’re travelling to England, you can’t beat the scenery.

The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are just the start of what you can experience in the New England area.

The North Sea is also popular, and if you’ve got a little extra cash, you could take in some of the stunning scenery in Cornwall.

“I’ve been to Cornwall,” says host of BBC Radio Cornwall, Peter Lough.

“It’s a wonderful place to visit.

It has a lot to offer and it’s really nice.

It doesn’t have much else.”

It’s easy to get lost in Cornwall, especially in the southern part of Cornwall.

But don’t forget to visit the coast towns, including the picturesque towns of Boulogne, Le Havre, Bruges and Le Bourget.

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