Aaronson, a kayak rental company based in Portland, Oregon, is announcing a new fleet of kayaks and paddleboards for September.

The new line of boats features the same “all-inclusive” design as their previous line of kayak rentals, but with all-terrain options and a range of price points.

The company is launching a $3,000 option for the new “Paddleboard of the Year.”

For $3 and $5, customers can get a 30-minute “Paddling for Beginners” tour with a guide who can provide tips on paddling basics, navigation and gear.

For $10, customers will get the “Prestigious Kayak Experience” in which they can learn about kayak handling, paddling and gear selection, plus an opportunity to paddle for a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize.

The “Pace of the Century” tour is $10 for the first half hour and $15 for the rest of the trip.

For those interested in the more competitive “Race of the century” option, customers who register for this tour will also get a chance at winning a $2,000 prize.

The new line includes a range in pricing, including the $3 to $5 price range, but also a $5-$10 range depending on whether you buy the paddleboard or kayak.

For instance, customers on the “Race” option can choose from a 20-minute kayak tour with the guide who has a minimum of 30 minutes of kayaking experience.

The price range is similar to the $10 range from the earlier “Pond of the Day” tour.

Kayak rental companies can offer a variety of kayakers, but Kayak of the Week and Sporty Kayak both offer kayaks.

The $3-plus-paddleboard price range comes with a full range of kayaker options including:Aaronson is a Portland-based company that specializes in kayak travel and rental.

The Portland company has been offering kayak tours in Portland since 2007 and now offers a wide variety of tours including:Paddleboards: Aarron Kayak Paddleboard is available in the $1.5-to-2-hour range.

Paddle-boards come in a range from $200 to $400 depending on the size and configuration.

Aarons rentals are available in kayaks as well as paddleboards.

Customers can choose the paddleboards to be used for both kayak and paddleboarding, as well.

The Aaron Kayak is a popular choice for paddling in the summer and for paddlers who want to have a paddle to their home, said company founder and CEO Rob Pinto.

“Paddlers love kayaks because they’re small and easy to maneuver,” Pinto said.

“With paddles, we can get up to four paddlers in the water at a time and not worry about any of the equipment they’ll need.

It’s just great for the paddlers and great for paddler experience.”

Paddles are not limited to kayaks, either.

Aaroon has kayaks for men and women, which are available for rent for a fee ranging from $2 to $30 per person.

The kayaks also come with a range to accommodate different paddlers, Pinto added.

For those who are just looking to learn about paddling or for more serious paddlers interested in learning how to paddle, Aarcons kayaks offer the “Advanced Paddle” option that lets customers learn about basic paddling techniques and a paddling simulator.

The $3 paddleboard and kayak option includes all of the above options.

For example, the Advanced paddling option gives customers the ability to learn how to properly paddle the kayak, how to maneuver in the kayaks body and the proper technique to use when paddling.

Customers on the Advanced paddle will also receive the “Professional Paddle of the Month” program, which includes paddling lessons, lessons on paddles and training.AARonson is offering a variety for paddles including:Kayak kayaks are a great option for beginners who want something more than the basic paddle, said Aarone founder and executive director Rob Pinsenter.

“We can teach a beginner to paddle a canoe, or teach a novice to paddle a kayaker.

We can teach someone how to float and how to learn to paddle,” Pinsent said.

Aardonson has also created a paddles website for paddledaykayak.com that features lessons, guides and information about kayaking and paddling, as opposed to just kayaks on a website.

The “Pad” is the paddling term for the paddle board and kayaks that are used in Aaronal’s tours.

“Pads are the perfect way to get a sense of paddling,” Pinosen said.P