(AP) California residents will soon be eligible to rent their homes in the Mojave Desert from the start of 2018, as the state begins a massive rebranding effort aimed at helping it attract more tourists.

A new website called Desert Sun, the new home of a new digital newspaper, will announce the new status of the state’s residential rental market next week.

The announcement is expected to be a boon to the nearly 200,000 Californians who rent homes in some form in the Golden State, according to the new website.

More than one-quarter of Californians now rent from outside their home states, up from 25 percent in 2014.

California’s new online newspaper, which has a weekly circulation of 50,000, will serve as the first public portal to the housing market, along with its own news and analysis.

California is the largest U.S. state without a government-run rental agency.

The state Department of Housing and Community Development oversees rental policies and oversees home-buying rules.

The state has long struggled to find a reliable way to rent.

It was the first state to require a permit to buy a home and has been one of the most expensive states for renting.

More recently, lawmakers approved a law last year to create a new housing-housing bureau that will oversee the new rental agency and to make sure it meets state regulations.

The new website, which will include news and interviews, will tell people that renting in California is more affordable than buying a home, and that it’s not possible to rent your home without a mortgage.

The news will include links to more than 60 online sites that help people find housing.

California will also begin issuing more than 100 new home-sale licenses this month.

A home-buyer’s license will be required for a person to buy or rent a home in California.

In 2019, California will become the only state to issue a new state permit to purchase a home.

It will allow residents to sell their homes at reduced prices and for smaller payments than other states.

The law allows the state to lower the minimum home-purchase price to as little as $850,000 and the average cost to purchase to as low as $500,000.