Hacker News user “dvc” has a list of reasons why it’s impossible to rent a car with a dlc bike rental app.

While it’s true that some dlc bikes come with a GPS, it’s not the only reason you can’t rent a bike with the app.

“The app only offers rental options for dlc, not standard bikes, like a regular bike or a commuter,” wrote user “rachel”. 

There are other reasons why you can rent a vehicle with a bike app, too.

“This app is not an insurance company,” wrote “taylor”, “but a parking spot.” 

Another user, “dunny”, pointed out that you can only rent a ride on a ducati with a special app. 

“I tried to rent it using the dvc app but the app only allows you to rent dlc cars,” wrote reader “cantaloupe” in response to “duncys”. 

“It’s possible to rent an Uber with a bicycle app but not a regular car,” wrote another user, in response. 

In the end, we’ll take what we can get.

The only way you can get a diclike with a car is if you buy one.