WASHINGTON — A study from the National Association of Realtors says the city with the highest rents in the nation is in Chicago, Illinois.

The NAR report shows that the average rental for a one-bedroom home in Chicago was $1,837 in May.

The average rent for a two-bedroom was $2,025, and the average rent per month for a three-bedroom apartment was $3,066.

Rent for single-family homes rose 7.6% in May compared to a year earlier, according to the NAR, while rents for townhouses rose 6.2%.

Rents for apartments rose 8.7%.

In contrast, the average price for a studio apartment fell 3.5%.

NAR data shows that Chicago has seen an increase in home prices since 2010, when the average home price was $185,000, according.

According to the report, the median price for two-unit rentals in Chicago is $2.2 million, a 3.4% increase from the year before.

The median price of three-unit rental units was $4.4 million.

Rent increases have been linked to the housing crash.

In a speech to the National Assn.

of Realty Advisors, President and CEO Richard C. Anderson said that the rise in prices is due to the downturn in the housing market, and that is why many Chicago residents are struggling to afford the rent.

Anderson said that there are now more than 200,000 single-income households in Chicago.

Narendra Kumar, chief economist for the Association of Community Realters, said that rents are set to rise even further as people get priced out of the market.

Kumar said that renters are not only spending money to pay the rent, but are also paying interest on their debt. 

“There is a very high risk that if prices are not going up quickly, and we have to slow down the pace of rent increases, that we will see a significant amount of people being priced out, said Kumar.