Penske Truck Rentals, the rental company behind the popular private owners RV rental chain, has a new offer for drivers looking to rent out their RV’s for their next vacation.

According to Penske’s website, owners of their RV rentals can now rent them out for an additional $2 per night.

That’s a little less than the $3.25 per night average per RV.

For a 1 bedroom apartment, that would cost about $3,500.

For the 2 bedroom apartment it’s closer to $5,000.

Penske is looking for drivers who can “work hard and live to 100%.”

It doesn’t say how much they will charge drivers for their services.

If you’re looking for an RV rental company, you should contact Penske before you go.

You can find them through this link.

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Penskes is not the only company offering private owner rentals in Florida.

Private owners RV company RVR is offering RV rentals to drivers in Sarasota, St. Johns, Lakeland and Orlando, but it’s not clear how many drivers are using it.

RVR’s website also doesn’t list a maximum rent.

For more information on private owners rentals, check out this post.

Penskoes’ RV rental service is available in Florida for a one-night rental for $2,999.

The company says they also offer private owner RV rentals for $1,999 and up.

If Pensko, Penske or RVR offers a service that you like, it may help you get your car loan approved.