Renters in the Caribbean island of Dominica are paying up to 17% more than their counterparts in the United States, according to a new study released on Tuesday.

Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the Dominica capital of Port-au-Prince at the rate of $3,500 a month would cost an average Dominican household an average of $6,919 a year, according the research by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, which found that the rental vacancy rate of Dominicans in their hometowns had risen to 7.5% from 6.3% in 2011.

The researchers also noted that a large number of the new rental units were rented by foreigners, mostly from the Dominican republic.

The study found that Dominicans were paying $2,849 more a year in rental fees than in the U.S. The rate of increase in rental prices is the highest in the world and has become a major issue in the country’s economic development.

The Dominican Republic has been a member of the U, European Union since 2012.