A mobster who was accused of murdering six people in a hotel in the US state of Indiana has been shot dead by police.

A spokesman for the police union in Indiana said officers responded to a 911 call from the building on Friday evening and found the body of a man, who was identified as James T. Brown, in the lobby.

Brown had been charged with six counts of murder in connection with the deaths of six people, including three police officers.

Police said in a statement that Brown, 56, had been shot by a police officer and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The statement said the shooting occurred in the parking lot of a hotel on the east side of Indianapolis.

In an earlier statement, the union said Brown was a mobster and that the investigation was ongoing.

The hotel was one of the last places where Brown and other gang members were allowed to stay before they were arrested in July 2016 in connection to a gunfight at a motel in the city of Indianapolis that left one person dead.

At the time, the shooting was widely seen as a bid by the Indiana state police to clear the streets of gang members.

In a statement issued on Friday, the police said that police were working to determine whether Brown had acted alone or was in an organized gang.

Brown was wanted in connection for the killing of another Indiana man, a local man named Charles C. Miller, in a hit-and-run incident in August 2015.

Miller was shot in the neck and later died of his injuries.

In March, the US Justice Department announced that Brown had also been charged in connection in connection a hit and run attack in which he is accused of hitting three women, one of whom was fatally shot.