The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is seeking tips about how to find low-cost airfare, cheap hotel room rentals and how to use Airbnb.

Airbnb, the website that lets people rent out rooms, has attracted hundreds of thousands of people to the state in recent years, and the bureau is seeking information about potential renters.

The bureau said in a news release that it has been contacted by a person who said they have been renting out rooms at a cabin rental house in Gatlinburg, a town of about 3,600 people about 30 miles north of Birmingham.

The cabin owner, who is not identified, told the bureau that he has a few guests staying there and has a room available for rent.

The person said they are staying in a three-bedroom room, a two-bedroom, and a four-bedroom in a cabin with two beds in a larger room, the bureau said.

The agency said in the release that if a person rents out a room at a place of business or hotel, they may be required to provide proof of residency.

The bureau said it would like to speak with the owners of the businesses, who could provide some documentation of where they are based, the agency said.

If the owner doesn’t provide proof, the person could be fined, the release said.

In addition, the Alabama Bureau said it is seeking more information from Airbnb about how they can help people find hotels in the state.