The car rental app Car2go announced that it is suspending its app services in the Sunshine State.

In a statement released to Recode, the company said it had received “an overwhelming response” to its request to temporarily suspend operations in Florida.

“It has been a hard decision for us to make, but we know that it’s right for our company and for our employees,” the company wrote.

“We sincerely appreciate everyone who has supported us throughout this difficult time.”

The move comes amid ongoing uncertainty in the state over the future of the state’s car rental industry.

A series of lawsuits are challenging a law that bans car rental companies from operating in the State, and the state has threatened to sue Uber, a company that has been the most successful provider of car rental services in Florida since its launch in 2016.

In the statement, Car2Go said it has a “strong desire to remain in Florida and be a vital part of its growing economy,” but that it would not be able to operate “until Florida allows our competitors to provide services in a safe and responsible manner.”

It also said that it “has a lot of work ahead” to meet the company’s “future vision of providing the best customer experience for our members, customers, and businesses.”

In a statement to Recodes, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Transportation said the state had asked Car2goo to temporarily stop its operations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in the Florida Keys.

The spokesperson said that state officials were concerned about the impact that the company would have on local businesses and the public’s safety.

The spokesperson did not elaborate on what the company plans to do with its fleet of vehicles.

According to a spokesperson from the Miami Beach Police Department, the department’s fleet of unmarked vehicles were being used to serve the city and surrounding areas in the aftermath of the hurricanes.

The department told Recode that the vehicles were not being used as a security presence.

Car2go’s statement comes amid an escalating series of controversies about the Florida car rental market.

Last week, Uber, which has been one of the most popular car rental providers in the U.S., announced it was ending its partnership with the company in the wake of a federal lawsuit over alleged discrimination.

Uber said that “a company we had been partnering with for years has chosen to leave the marketplace and not renew our partnership.”

On Tuesday, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, which represents car rental operators in the Miami area, told the Orlando Sentinel that it had reached out to the Florida Attorney General’s office to ask that the state ban Car2GO.

The Chamber also said it planned to ask for an investigation into the company.